Renting a car in Ukraine: Overall analysis

Renting a car in Ukraine: Overall analysis

For all guests’ need we created a section at a website dedicated to private vehicles renting. With all formalities controlled by company, you may rent a card two or three time cheaper. Yes. It’s true with no hidden costs. If you would spend couple of minutes for reading you would get known about saving a lot of money with car rental in Ukraine on Euro 2012 and thereafter.

Car rental services in Ukraine are scarcely represented by a few worldwide brands and some local companies. The process of renting with major companies is similar to European and world practice. For smaller local companies the process is the same, but maybe with some local peculiarities like preferring cash and not credit cards, smaller and cheaper range of available autos, while prices of local Ukrainian car rental services combined with tiny network of pick-up points.

If you plan to rent a car in Ukraine you should prepare yourself for unsatisfied road conditions, corrupted police and non-standard fuel on fuel stations which may damage an engine of rented vehicle. Nevertheless, Ukraine has so much advantages, which are worth seeing and visiting to get known bout them.

Renting a car with major car rental service maybe of a great assistance for high-roller guests who come to country by plane and could pick-up a car at airport. An economic car like Skoda Fabia 1.4 or Ford Focus 1.5 would cost around 60-70 euros, if you are able to conduct your business with some local company and plan to use the vehicle for more than a week you would be able to get a discount around 30-40%, but plan complete sum, because of a high season with Euro 2012 in June. Compared with regular taxi use inside urban area with daily mileage over 50 kilometers renting a car even with expensive agency would definitely make more sense for you wallet or credit card.

If you have no driving experience or you are not sure about your skills in another country and environment, almost all services are ready to provide a driver for your needs, of course for additional pay.

About payments:

Most credit cards are accepted and required for booking and renting, for European quest if won’t be of surprise. But if you are unsure about security of your credit cards you may use cash with smaller companies or other ways of payment. Reducing the cost of renting a car in Ukraine is not a miracle or something unreal. Read carefully other articles and you would find a lot of useful info on renting a car and getting the maximum from your budget.

For best use of your money, we recommend to use Person-2-Person rental with control of conditions by company. It makes great sense both for car owners and those who prefer secure and safe way to rent a car with no hidden charges in a course of using the car rental service.