Renting an apartment for Euro 2012 in Lviv

Renting an apartment for Euro 2012 in Lviv

Lviv is the biggest city in Western Ukraine and often called Eastern Florence. Superior architecture, numerous places of interests and comfortable location just 50 kilometers next to border with Poland makes this Ukrainian city a cultural capital of Ukraine. If you are fan about culture, museums and opera, there would be not enough time during Euro 2012 even significant part of Lviv best sites.

You may travel to Lviv by railway, car or by plane. Modern Airport was freshly upgraded and it is located not far from city centre. After arrival it would be easy to get to your apartment by public transport, or if you prefer comfort by taxi or confident transfer option you may ask our managers. Lviv is modern city and hotel infrastructure is one of most developed throughout the Ukraine. Anyway it is worth you time to look over through vast amount of apartments to rent for Euro 2012 at Making early booking of desired apartment you guarantee yourself a comfortable stay. Lviv apartments are most tidy, useful and by chance most affordable. For 60 euros you would find apartment for a large group or large family. Don’t be surprised, if tasty meal would be proposed by landlord for modest price or even included. People in Ukraine are very hospitable.

During your stay in Lviv you would need to move around. Taxi is not very expensive, but if you plan to move out of city area, has large group or you have very busy schedule you may rent a car or minibus at to suit your transportation needs.
A perfect option for self-organized groups would be a rent of a bus or a minibus with foreign speaking guide, who may organize perfect tour around the city.

If the summer heat would hit you, you may visit numerous café, restaurants or shopping malls.

Some of them are very entertaining, e.g. Ashan/Leopolis trade centre at Stryi st. has built-in ice skating rink. Guests should remember that Lviv downtown is considered by UNESCO as cultural legacy, so transportation through old-styled central streets is very slow and difficult to understand for foreigners. That’s why it would be wise to discuss all your need with a manager and order additional services for guests at reasonable price with .

Lviv Arena waits for future events and You.