Renting an apartment

Making your stay at European Football championship in the year 2012 may be a bit difficult without proper planning. Before you rush to Poland and Ukraine with tickets in your hands, don’t forget to organize your accommodation in the city you would like to stay. As it was already mentioned in media renting a room even in a modest hotel maybe of problem, not only of doubled or quadrupled rates at the date of event, but also due to lack of rooms and overbooking by tourist agencies all over from Europe and of course domestic Ukrainian operators and speculators. Situation would be looking dare if there would be no alternatives.
A great choice option for an average guest may be renting an apartment for Euro in Ukraine with Advanced and up-to-date database contains hundreds of apartments to rent in accepting cities of Ukraine. With a simple search you can easily choose the option you would like most of all, then you need to leave a pre-order or call one of our managers. Without any hassle and delay the apartment you have chosen would be reserved for your name.

Why to choose apartment renting help with
Our website was created and totally dedicated for two main goals:
1. To help all the guests of Euro-2012 in Ukraine to rent a car or an apartment.
2. Provide our clients with the best possible service during Euro 2012 in Ukraine for comfortable and affordable vacation.
Lining up with several tips would save a lot of time and money in future. After choosing proper apartment online, obtain pictures of it and contact details. In the case you book it with our website you don’t have to worry about availability or urgent change of location, additional service or transfer options.
Look through database and pay attention to such things as location of apartment, transportation possibilities, nearby restaurants and shops. If you plan to visit some places of interest besides stadium, it worth to choose out of nearby property.
Make your stay secure, it means better to organize transfer and guide to the city upfront. Ukraine is very hospitable country, but you could meet limited widespread of foreign languages and as in any other countries, there may be some offensive situations, especially in places where a lot of guests come to: airports, stadiums, railway stations, subway and other public transportation facilities.
Accommodation on Euro 2012 could be easy and comfortable, if you decide for yourself type of apartment you are interested in and type of transport you would travel to Ukraine and inside the country.
With you are able to book apartments in different cities by strict schedule and also rent a transport for your needs. Remember that cities this Summer would be overcrowded and it’s up to you to be well prepared before the event starts and because of that, prices will go up, as usual. With you could be assured with prices and reservations you made.