Private car rent advantages, comparison with existing rent-a-car services, taxi problem at Euro 2012.

Private car rent advantages, comparison with existing rent-a-car services, taxi problem at Euro 2012.

Euro 2012 comes to 8 cities in Ukraine and Poland. Kiev, Dnipropetrovk, Kharkiv and Lviv are large cities with derived tourist infrastructure. Without prior logistic planning it might be quite annoying taking a long trips with mass transport or expensive with Taxi. Taxi service with such great events (600 thousand guests in our case) would definitely become overloaded and prices may not only double, but might be tripled or even quadrupled. Anyway, guests need to move around accepting cities and all over Ukraine with reasonable speed and price. Renting a car at Big company office may cost you up to 500 Euro per day and be sure, there will be no cars available with the start of Euro 2012.

Those who a eager not only move around the stadium and airport/railway station might want to rent a car. The reasonable and smart answer would be to rent a private car with .

Adequate pricing and flexible conditions would give you an opportunity to see tempting horizons and beautiful nature of Ukraine, being undiscovered for European guests for so long time. Making such an intelligent choice you cut your expenses at once. The total sum of money you would spend may differ up to three times as with Big Company rent-a-car service. If you would take into account ability to call your personal manager at any time with your questions and problems the problem of choice will be eliminated for you.

Some facts about traveling by car in Ukraine: fuel is cheaper than in EU, all roads are not payable, along main routes and even in small town you may find much cheaper rooms and restaurants than in big cities. Take this into account and you may save much more that you would spend on car renting. As we deal both with accommodation and transport renting, we can arrange a special package for you, up to personal guide and complete support for those who travel in a group.

If you plan to spend your holiday in Ukraine, it is a high time to call us and get a price quote.