What is the advantage of removal a private apartment than a hotel?

The first thing to be noted that hotels built for Euro 2012 to host all wishful people will not be enough for all fans. According to official data 200 000 visitors should search for accommodation in the private sector. In fact, this number is far from the real guest-travelers’ need in a cheap accomodation and is much reduced. And that’s why our site comes with help that combines all the proposals for the leasing of cheap housing for the duration of the European Football Championship. On this site you can secure a comfortable stay in the Ukrainian cities hosting Euro 2012 beforehand, both by yourself or through our employees. In addition, using our private cheap housing, you can just live and communicate with the owners of an apartment, learn about the peculiarities of Ukrainian culture, taste the cuisine world-famous cuisine, cooked in a homelike atmosphere. After all, Ukrainians are glorified for their hospitality.

How can I add an apartment or room for rent it out?

Using the registration form, you mark the checkboxes for items of comfort in the apartment. Also, please, add to this data of accomodation’s comfort your home photos of your apartament. That will enable the client visually get acquainted with the room and make it easier to select and compare with other offers.

How can I rent a cheap apartment or room?

Using the registration, select the appropriate option for you service. After prepay your account, you will have access to contact information from the landlord, which is offered for rent at Euro 2012. You can contact the apartment owners by your own, using the contact information and buy our pre-booking of cheap housing for Euro 2012.

How do I check av cheap ailability of the chosen apartment for me during my stay in Ukraine?

After choosing an cheap apartment and pay even the minimum package (Silver account) you have the button "Check the status of the apartment." With this button, pre-specifying the dates of your stay in Ukraine, you are sending the request of our company and you during the day will receive a response.

I can not myself agree with landlords of the time, date and price of apartments / rooms. What should I do?

To solve this problem the staff of our website will help, which speak English. They will take your written application and independently conclude a letter of intent to lease housing. All you need is to get a Gold account, choose your favorite cheap house and send us a request for a lease. After signing the protocol it will be sent to you by email.

What gives me the Silver account?

By selecting this option you get full access to the contact information of home owners. With this you may yourself contact them personally and arrange a date, time and cost of renting the cheap apartment in which you want to live during the Euro 2012. You may talk to the owner of the apartments without intermediaries, which makes it possible to discuss with him as the price of rent per day, and to agree on a list of desired additional services. This option requires understandable knowledge for both sides of the language for suitable negotiation.

What gives me the Gold account?

By selecting this option, you, besides of access to the contact information of owners get the ability to use the services of our staff to book the desired cheap room. By getting us informed what cheap housing, and in what time you need this housing, our staff will conclude with the landlord a letter of intent to lease the accommodation, which will fix the price, time and your personal information. After the conclusion the electronic version of the protocol will be sent to your e-mail address. The protocol is legally consolidate the housing you selected and will record the daily rental price, which will protect you from possible risks.

When I have to pay their rent?

You pay hosters for the rent of affordable cheap housing for Euro 2012 after direct settling into it. That is, immediately after your arrival in Ukraine.

What if I have not found an answer to my question?

Contact our staff via a telephone line or use a number of ICQ (online support)