Accommodation for Euro 2012

This year football championship comes to Ukraine and Poland. Fans from all over the Europe are looking forward to visit Ukraine and take part in this great event. One of the most important things is how to find reliable and affordable accommodation. According to official statistics and reports, hotels and recreation centers over Ukraine and major cities in particular would be able to satisfy not more than just a half of requests for guests booking.

Nevertheless, those who are eager to get to European football championship have an adequate solution for accommodation in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkov and other accepting location with private rooms renting.

Before making a booking take care about what you expect to get in Ukraine. Make a brief plan, what kind of advantages play more important role in your trip. Whether there should be just simple apartment with optimal location nearby transportation and cultural spots, standard conveniences like: non-stop water supply, climate control, comfortable beds, nearby catering establishments, internet or wi-fi access, phone. For additional service you should make a booking in advance. When choosing a place to stay, take into account transportation and transfer options. In major cities there are metro stations, price and availability of spare rooms depends on that. Closer location would influence price for sure.

There are several options for accommodation for Euro 2012 available for guests. You can choose to stay for a day or two in a location nearby the facility, where football events take place, and enjoy all the advantages of closer location, while this way might be expensive, because of its complexity and short lasting booking. On the other hand you could choose to stay for 3-5 days or even longer in one city or place comfortable for you, and then move to another one you want to.

Realty agents are already ready to speak with you in your language, but remember that most of people you would meet in your journey have limited English skills, so it would be useful to write down a list of necessary expressions that might be useful in restaurant, hotel, hostel, parking or sport facility.

If you plan to travel by car, make sure that you mentioned this while booking your future stay. As usual there are no problems with parking slots in private area. By choosing another way of getting to you destination, e.g. by train, by plane or by other means, try to discuss this with accepting side. In most cases you will be advised the most handy and affordable transfer to location you have chosen to stay.

Before making final decision, always make sure you have weighted up all possible options, sometimes it’s more comfortable to stay a bit away from stadium, but with nice transfer options and friendly neighboring background. Anyway, remember that Ukraine is a country with very hospitable traditions and word “please” means a lot for local people, and they would always help guests as much as they can to find the best accommodation for Euro 2012 for you.